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Water Extraction Comes in Steps

Water extraction is not just one quick one and done process, it requires a series of steps to make sure the cleanup is done right. We begin with removing as muc... READ MORE

Commercial Cleanups

If we can cleanup our own warehouse, we definitely can clean up yours! At SERVPRO we don’t just keep our jobs up to standard but the place we store our eq... READ MORE

Flooding Cleanup

You can always trust our team to be ready to help you clean up a water damage and complete the necessary repairs to make everything back to normal again. We tak... READ MORE

When Sewage Hits Trust Us To Clean It Up

If the disaster seems manageable you may be tempted to handle it yourself, unlike a large flood or burst pipe. While this may seem like a cost saving idea in th... READ MORE

Home Water Damage Cleanup

These homeowners experienced some water damage after heavy rain came into their home. After they called us up, we headed over there quickly to evaluate the situ... READ MORE

When You Need A Cleanup Expert We Got You Covered

No one wants to deal with cleaning up after a water damage has occurred, especially in the basement. Picking through what is able to be saved, what has been rui... READ MORE

Your Choice For Cleaning Debris + Damage

When you're in need of cleanup and debris removal such as this, make sure to call the experts at SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt. This mess was caused by a rotti... READ MORE

Kitchen Restoration: We're Here To Help!

SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster on Long Island. We can respond immediat... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt are The Leading Experts in Cleaning

When SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island was called to the scene of a water damage loss at a Staten Island home, not only did our crew resolve the water loss, we ... READ MORE

Always Here For Your Freeport, Roosevelt Business!

SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt is a 24-hour emergency service, that is prepared to help resolve any loss your property might face. Owning a business is extremel... READ MORE