Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Extraction Comes in Steps

Water extraction is not just one quick one and done process, it requires a series of steps to make sure the cleanup is done right. We begin with removing as muc... READ MORE

When You Need A Cleanup Expert We Got You Covered

No one wants to deal with cleaning up after a water damage has occurred, especially in the basement. Picking through what is able to be saved, what has been rui... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage - Overflow From Bathtub

A common cause for water damage is human error, like leaving a faucet on. In this case, the homeowner had fallen asleep while filling the bathtub, causing it to... READ MORE

Flooded School in the Merrick, Long Island Area

This loss occurred at a local school here on Long Island. This loss happened when school was not in session. Most of the classrooms are left bare, with all the ... READ MORE

SERVPRO: Water Damage Reversed!

This water damage came as a result of a faulty dishwasher. Kitchen appliances, including sinks and fridges, can spring a leak or have a crack in the hose. The r... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

Our water damage technicians are available 24/7 to assist you with your disaster. We will respond fast to your emergency which will lessen the damage, limit fur... READ MORE